What items do I need to purchase for a basic pool package?

A basic pool package typically includes the following 6 items:

  1. 20 gauge blue overlap liner (included with pool). Upgrades available.
  2. Thru-wall skimmer (included with pool)
  3. Filter System
  4. Pool Ladder
  5. Maintenance items (ex. vacuum, leaf net, telescopic pole, etc.)
  6. Pool Chemical Kit
Here is an example of a pool and the items you would need for a basic pool package. Click on the "Customize" button for the pool model you are interested in and add any accessory you'd like.

Basic pool package shown in the wizard page


Popular additional options include:

  1. Upgraded Pool Liner
  2. Liner Floor Pad
  3. Pool Cove
  4. Automatic Pool Cleaners
  5. Pool Covers (Winter and Solar)
  6. Underwater Pool Light
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